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Awesome electronic music producer from Virginia.
Emancipator escaped from the Underground Railroad Chain Gang in the 11th century. He invented the hot air balloon, with which he chartered the Amazon River. He invented wine.

Emancipator found the formula for the crystallization of ice during a quiet Japanese winter. He perfected the art of agriculture. He can climb trees faster than you.

Emancipator bleeds ambrosia. He discovered Iceland. He can breathe underwater.

Emancipator lives in a fortress made of moon rock. His presence attracts songbirds. He can recite all the digits of pi.
by Roc18 December 22, 2009
The sexual position where the girl is on top but the guy does most of the work by thrusting from below. Very effective. Also spelled "emancipate-her," and is especially relevant when the woman is african american and the man of caucasian descent. Not to be confused with the Abe Lincoln.
He hit her so hard with the emancipator that she screamed "freedom!" and then collapsed off the bed.
by Non Jagl April 26, 2012

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