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Abe's pet in the PS game, "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee".
Abe's "pet" Elum is cranky, stubborn, selfish, and smells like a burst sewer pipe, and those are his good points.
by DresdenDoll May 24, 2009
A crackhead street located in Portsmouth, VA. Spelt ELM like the tree, in ebonics it's E-ELLA-M.
I be seein you over by elum abenue, don't yo sisa's crib be dere?
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
Male name for penis, mule spelled backwords!

Dirived in Iraq by soldiers of the 403rd CTC. Bored around vehicles on convoys they would talk about women looking foward to going home. The Platoon leader called his penis Elum. After while everybody would call it that!
Dude she's hot! I would love to put this Elum on her!
by Sir_Lance January 03, 2010
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