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1. A large group of people as in a gathering.
2. A more "urban" way to say everybody.

From the song Tipsy by J-Kwon.
Errbody in the club gettin tipsy! (Clean)
Errbody in this bitch gettin tipsy!
by bluntedboy June 05, 2004
Used most often to describe a group of homies sitting on the front porch observing the crack deals.

First and most often used in Portsmouth, VA.
Look at dem foos over dere, dey be stoopin for half the day!
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
1. A fine ass worth watching, and possibly exploring later.
2. For a larger ass, simply add more "dong" on to the end.
3. From the Missy Elliot song "Work It".
4. If you didn't know already, Missy Elliot is from P-Town (VA).
"and you think you can handle this ga-dong-a-dong-dong"
Supa Fly:
"dammmmmmmmmn she got the gadong-a-dong-dong-DONG goin on!"
by bluntedboy June 05, 2004
An alcoholic beverage originally made popular by the Snoop Dogg song called "Gin and Juice". Original recipe conists of Tanqueray and orange juice. Those who usually order this drink have no idea what Tanqueray is nor what type of juice should be used. For all they know you could put Tang in a glass and charge them five dolla for it.
Gimme one doze jinjews.
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
A crackhead street located in Portsmouth, VA. Spelt ELM like the tree, in ebonics it's E-ELLA-M.
I be seein you over by elum abenue, don't yo sisa's crib be dere?
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
Used most often when seeing someone's sisa in a public place, as in the supermarker.
I seen yo sisa in tha sto the udder and she be coolin out at da maw.
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
A large enclosed retail establishment where one see and be seen. One can also purchase beauty supplies and/or hair extensions.
I saw yo sisa at da maw, and she be coolin with her chilluns.
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
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