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The Beast himself. You can find Elpresador in his natural habitat knocking down trees, beasting groundhogs, and not giving a flying fuck.
CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP... FUCK!! - the Elpresador's mating call
by BEAST NATION April 12, 2011
best youtube commentator that there is , provides the beastscribers with golden entertainment and exposes the little bitches.
I had a bad day and then i watched a elpresador commentary, now i'm laughing my fucking ass off
by FullMetalJacket August 20, 2011
The name for a white man who sounds like a black man. Also a guy who has entertaining gaming commentaries on YouTube
"Look at that dumbass"
"I could write a fucking novel in the time it takes this motherfucker to reload "

---Yep, thats El Presador
by CodexRios December 02, 2010
A YouTube commentator whose content, much like his hair, has grown thin.
Friend 1: Have you been watching Elpresador's videos lately?

Friend 2: Nope.
by Former Sub May 03, 2012
A term for a 40 year old homosexual man who does nothing but plays video games.
Stay In school kids or you'll end up like Elpresador
by Elpresador June 27, 2009