A stupid fuck and Mary Sue- corrupting dangerous amounts of people every day with his ~*SPARKLY SKIN*~ and retardation.
A character from "Twilight" one of the shittiest and worst written series in existance.

by SPARKLYROCK January 14, 2009
97 year old pedophile who stalks underage girls while they sleep, not to mention the cannibalistic fetish of suckin their blood out from a fresh wound.
Edward Cullen cursed our women!
by thisisit December 28, 2008
The subject of the adoration of a nation of female sycophants. Aforementioned sycophants may be teenaged or middle-aged. The jury is currently out on which is less pathetic.
The "perfect man", hero of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series. The last time I checked, the perfect man was not a controlling stalker, but hey. That's just me. Maybe you all would LOVE IT if your boyfriend forbid you from seeing your best friend and stared at you while you had inappropriate dreams about other men. (see "perfection")
The least original romantic hero ever written.
If only Edward Cullen were my boyfriend, then I would know what it's like to be under house arrest.
by missmagpie January 19, 2009
A 108 year old virgin that's the second main character in the Twilight saga. He sparkles in the sun, is a abusive to his "mate" (the bitch known as Bella Swan), and is overly lovey-dovey and boring. Many Twilight fangirls think he's hot, but he makes sane people want to vomit. He claims to be a vampire, but since vampires don't sparkle, he's most likely some species of gay fairy.
Twilight Fangirl: I want to marry Edward Cullen! Don't you?

Sane Person: Sorry, I don't do sparkly retards.
by JadeHeartOfFire March 21, 2009
The reason I have no girlfriend.
Girl: We're breaking up.
Boy: Why?
Girl: You're just not Edward Cullen, sorry.
by SoIherdyouliekmudkipz June 06, 2009
A 118 year old vampire pedophile who is in love with an 18 year old girl, Bella Swan. His main hobby is watching Bella sleep. While most people would think this is creepy, it is now socially acceptable, because Edward is so darn gorgeous that whatever he does is amazing. Edward also enjoys eating mountain lions, smashing things to show how strong he is, and saving Bella from getting killed. Edward Cullen had set the standards so high for men to follow, that women will even compare their boyfriends to him. Some even say, "Why aren't you more like Edward?" Edward is what girls fantasize about, and what boys throw their darts at.
Girl: I cannot believe you! Why don't you want to get married at age 18? We are in love! If Edward Cullen was my boyfriend, he would marry me! You need to be more like him!
by craziness15 February 07, 2010
A character from the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

He is viewed by many readers as extremely sexy and most girls think he would make the perfect boy friend. He is loving, always want to do what is best for his love (Bella Swan), and is polite and level-headed.
He has messy copper hair and his eyes used to be green (!). Now, they change colour depending on how hungry he is, but they go from shades of brown to black, rather than being red beause he's a GOOD vampire. He would never feast on human blood, only animals.

In truth, he is overly protective and a complete creeper. He started watching Bella sleep at night before they even knew each other and stalked her into Port Angeles when they had only had a couple (very awkward) conversations.
He never leaves Bella alone and is an arsehat to her friends because they have crushes on her. (side note-every boy in the series has a crush on Bella because she's amazing like that).
Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett are all better than Edward Cullen in every way.

So is Jacob.
by WhoNamesAPigAlgie November 27, 2008

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