Here are the massive flaws of the vampire, Edward, in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. And yes. I hate the book. Completely stupid thing to fill your minds up with.

1. He's so darn overprotective of Bella that sometimes i want to strangle him. "I won't let you go over the the werewolf pack cuz you might get hurt by the other guy who loves you." Completely valid reason, Edward.
3. He hates Jacob. Well, i hate Jacob, too, but still. I thought he was PERFECTION, girls, so he can't hate anybody!!! For a couple of reaons: 1, Jacob's in love with Bella..(i thought jacob had better taste than BELLA...?) I don't blame Eddy for that. Okay, secondly, he's jealous. WHAT'S THAT, DROOLING FANGIRLS!? I THOUGHT HE WAS "PERFECTION"!!! And thirdly, he hates werewolves because he's predejuced. OMG! LOOKS LIKE EDWARD ISN'T PERFECTION!!! who knew?
Me: "I think the books are addicting, but lacking alot. For example, look at Edward!! Completely boring. I perfer Carlisle to Eddy.
Drooling Fangirl #1(completely ignoring me): No! I <3 Edward!! He's mine!
Drooling Fangirl #2 (Tearing at Fangirl #1's I <3 Edward cullen t-shirt): Whatever! I read the book first! I get edward.
by classicalmusicgurl December 22, 2008
The love interest in Stephenie Meyer's terribly written Twilight "Saga". Edward Cullen has bronze hair at first, but it changes severl times in the books. He's also sparkly, a vampire who doesn't actually drink human blood, and falls in love with the main character Bella, a Mary-Sue if there ever was one. Also the cause of a strange phenomenon I like to call the "Edward Cullen Complex" that causes young men to become wildly insecure because of a fictional character. They may gripe about girls having too high of standards, write lengthy bitter definitions of Edward on Urban Dictionary, and never get laid because of their insecurity.
These are typically the same young boys who look at Maxim, Blender and other trashy magazines, and compare women with the models in them-yet they somehow think being compared to Edward Cullen is unfair. Cute.

Girl "Edward Cullen is sooo hot!"
Guy "It's not fair you expect me to be Edward!"
Girl "It's not fair you expect me to be Brooke Burke."
Guy "I still hate Edward Cullen."
by Indeedit'strue December 27, 2008
A sorry excuse for a vampire. Instead of doing something incredibly awesome like exploding in the sun, he instead ruins the opportunity and glitters like a disney fairy. If blade were nearby, he would decapitate edward without even a second thought. Edward is pale to the point that most people would assume that he has skin cancer. He is the reason that global warming should be allowed to continue.
Becka: I Loooove Edward Cullen

Sam: Shut up ho
by nx7oee March 25, 2009
a stalker who breaks into young girls houses and watches them sleep. He also sparkles and doesnt see anything wrong in killing bambi's relatives.
Kid 1: ...So I broke into her house and watched her slepping
Kid 2: thats creepy! youre soo an Edward Cullen!
by vampires_dont_sparkle March 08, 2009
The oldest virgin in the world, being 108 years old. A vampire that was thought of as gay until he fell for the freaky, socially awkward, ugly, pale girl, that smells like freesia and he always want to kill to taste her sweet blood,that he stalked and watched her sleep for about four months before they became a couple.(I don't know he still seems gay to me.) He sparkles in the sunlight and can run really fast and like read your thoughts.
Man, that guy is freaky.
Yeah he's a true Edward Cullen.
by noellewashere March 10, 2009
is a very annoying vampire, who magically sparkles in the sunlight, is perfect, is very concied, a 108 virgin, how could that possible be atractive to 13 year old girls? but he gives girls orgazms...which is wrong because he really isn't that hot.
Edward:I'm Edward Cullen and I sparkle in the sunlight.

Jacob Black: Bark bark wolf bark bark.
by rickiyson December 21, 2008
A character from the "hit" series of books Twilight. I personally only know a couple things about him, such as the fact that he defies all laws of vampirism. First of all, he walks in the daylight, he only feeds on animals (which apparently makes him a vegetarian vampire). 99.9% of readers of the Twilight books see him as the "perfect man." I see many problems with him. First of all is the fact that he isn't real, which most girls cannot get through their heads. Second, from what I've heard he stalked Bella, before they even started talking. I've also heard he is extremely jealous of every man who likes Bella. Last time I checked, the perfect guy wasn't jealous. Most girls talk constantly about how he's so sexy, which is kind of disturbing considering the fact that he's just ink on paper. People were saying stuff like that before they had a guy for the movie. Which makes it more disturbing.
Me: I'm so bored
Twilight Fan Girl: EDWARD CULLEN!!! AHH!!!
Me: Where did that come up?
Twilight Fan Girl: He's so sexy!!!
Me: He defies the law of Vampirism
Twilight Fan Girl: So?
Me: He's also just a fictional character
Twilight Fan Girl: SO!!! He Could Be! You should be more like him!!!
Me: Yeah it's so sexy how he bites your neck and you bleed it out on your bed.
Twilight Fan Girl: No he only eats animals!!!
Me: So its sexy when he bites your dog?
by DownwithEdward February 21, 2009

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