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A creepy, 108-year-old virgin pedophile who stalks a girl with less personality than a rock, invented by Stephanie Meyer to brainwash preteen girls in her plan to controll the world.
For some obscure reason, Edward and his whole vampire group sparkle in the sunlight. This was illistrated in the weirdly popular movie, "Twilight," by a few specks of glitter and the tinkling of fairy bells.
Edward like to believe that he is a vampire, rather than a scary-looking insomniac with a blood fetish.
See also, stalker,gay,pedophile, creepy, and eunuch
Girl under the age and IQ of 15: "Edward Cullen is great! He's so romantic and protective!"
Girl in possession of braincells: "No. It's called pedophilia."
by einzweidrei April 12, 2010

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