A 108 year old virgin.
Dude, my English teacher is a total Edward Cullen
by stephmeyer July 30, 2011
Eating out a girl who is on her period.
Dude she let me Edward Cullen her last night!
by Ronin Wood March 03, 2011
A fictional vampire from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. I have no idea why everyone gets so upset about him. Twilight is a popular love story that has enchanted girls of every age and for some reason people (mostly teenage guys) can't accept that.
Edward is depicted as the "perfect" boyfriend because of his unconditional love for the protagonist, Bella Swan. He's the archetype of an ideal boyfriend who provides the love that girls seek - especially younger girls who still speculate about love and its meaning to them. Older girls and young women, like many other people, can and do use fiction as means of escape from their everyday lives (in this case, young women fantasize about having a strong relationship someday). People should step back and remember what it was like to be curious and unsure about love and relationships, and that having crushes on fictional characters or celebrities is a phase most girls grow out of.
Everybody really needs to calm down and stop bitching about how much of a "fag" Edward Cullen is. Once they stop making movies, the Twilight series will be as forgotten as The da Vinci Code.
by not_a_twilight_fan August 06, 2010
A Sparklepire from Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' series, a 108-year-old virgin who makes pubescent girls horny.

His fangirls seem to think that he is real, and a few even seem to believe that they are married to him.

Apparently, he is "beautiful" and "godlike." Oh, and he ~*SPARKLES*~ too!

Fangirl 2: INORITE~ :DDD

Me: -reading Harry Potter- Well, good luck finding boyfriends, freaking Twitards.


Me: -facepalm-
by ~Otaku_Poptart~ May 31, 2010
That vampire that dazzles people. All the guys are jelous of him, and all the girls are obbsesed with him. He sets an extremly high expectation for girls looking for guys. Unfortunatly he is a fictional character from Stephanie Meyer's novels: Twilight Saga.
Girl #1: Hey doesnt Jeff look hot today!?
Girl #2: Not as hot as Edward Cullen!
Girl #1: WHO!?
Girl #2: You dont know Edward Cullen?
by Kirsty(: August 15, 2008
One of the main characters in Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. He is one of the vampires, or the "cold ones." He is hundreds of years old but says that he's 17...and has been 17 for a while. He is in love with Bella Swan and she also loves him. Edward can read people's minds, everybody's, except for Bella's. That's one of the main reasons he was first attracted to her. That, and her smell that he describes as, "my own personal brand of heroine." He sparkles in the sunlight, so his family tries to avoid it. Vampires in general drink human blood, but his family is "vegetarian." They survive on animal blood, but once in a while they have the temptation of drinking human blood. But most have learned not to. He is considered "perfect" in the minds of some teenage girls. He's just a character, but that's what teenagers do, they fantasize...and to all the haters: there's nothing wrong with that.
Bella: "I know what you are"
Edward Cullen: "Say it...Out loud!"
Bella: "Vampire..."
Edward Cullen: "Are you afraid?"
Bella: "No..."
Edward Cullen: "Then ask me the most basic question...What do we eat?"
Bella: "You won't hurt me..."
Edward Cullen: Grabs Bella's arm to show her how he sparkles...
by Proud Penelope April 23, 2011
A fictional character in Stephanie Meyer's series. Many fangirls refer to him as "the love of my life", seeing him as a perfect and beautiful man.

In reality, Edward Cullen is just a sparkling, gay, ugly, wanna-be vampire. He is controlling, jealous, and the biggest creeper. What kind of girl wants to be with a guy that forbids you to see your best friend, bruises you when having sex, secretly likes other men, and watches you while you sleep (before you've even had a real conversation)?
Fangirl: ohmigod Edward Cullen is the love of my life. MARRY ME EDWARD!!!
Normal Person: Tard.
by wigglennibble October 09, 2010
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