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every teenage girl's heart is with this man, er vampire.
he is thee hottest thing to ever grace this planet called earth, a 108 yr old virgin :D, bella swan's hubby/baby daddy.

he has blondeish brown hair, golden eyes, rock hard ab's, ice cold lips, and a perfect bone structure.

he is in Stephanie Meyer's fictional best selling book "Twilight"

and, is the subject of many people's fantasy's/dream's! he is also talented with the gifts of mind reading and piano skills. he is a VEGETARIAN, so only animals for him(:

andd, has a beautifull daughter named Renesmee. lives in Forks Washington, due to the fact that it isn't sunny there.
and is "17". rich is a mofo.

has a dad named Carlisle, mom named esme sisters rosalie and alice, bro's jasper and emmet.

thee end!
Caitlin: who is the god like person over there?
Karina: omg, thats edward cullen!!!!
by Caitlinskidie February 08, 2009

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