Best Albertan city. Home to champion teams such as the 13-time Grey Cup Champs the Edmonton Eskimos and 5-time Stanley Cup Champs the Edmonton Oilers. Kicks Calgary's rear.
"Well, really, everyone knows that Edmonton's a better city than calgary!"
by ~Bitterwench* September 02, 2008
A large, sprawling, industrial cesspool located in central Alberta, that is home to about 1.1 million people. Edmonton is known for very few things, and is a relatively unremarkable city with the largest shopping mall in North America. Edmonton has the highest murder rate in Canada, because all of the inbred trash that works in the oil fields up north comes down to Edmonton to waste their money on whores, drugs and lap dances before shooting someone in the face. These people are usually white trash, natives or immigrants from Africa and India.

Edmonton is also home to some of the most godawful, fucked up architecture in the world, where every building is either a grey or brown box that is spiced up with shitty neon. This is because most of the city's buildings were built in 1966 and haven't been renovated since my parents were in kindergarten and all the historic architecture was torn down by unscrupulous city planners.

On the bright side, Edmonton is also one of the wealthiest, fastest growing cities in the world, and the average Edmontonian has a higher per capita income than any other type of Canadian. That's the only reason I stay in this frozen over hellhole. Edmontonians have opportunities like no other.

Also, Edmonton is still better than Calgary, which is a boring Toronto wannabe with ugly, rude people and a shitty zoo. It's not as ugly as Edmonton, but it has no soul and is inhabited by mindless worker drones who sit in cubicles all day drinking soup from a straw.
I just went to Edmonton, got shot, got frost bite and made 500,000 dollars from working at McDonalds.
by jeogruiewrf December 28, 2011
Grim, depressing, crime ridden area of North London. Enfield Boroughs most dangerous place
person 1: I'm going into Edmonton

Person 2: Have you got your bullet-proof vest?
by n18 ruude boi April 28, 2005
The City of Champions - We've won 5 Stanley's and 13 Grey Cups (in the past...) Yes, this slogan is outdated. We all get it, BUT have too much pride in our sports teams to take this label away from our city.
We have West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall - and although it could use some sprucing up, it has been under some construction and is finally starting to get some decent shops.
During the winter there is prettymuch NOTHING to do in this city. It's FREEZING and the nightlife sucks BUT the people are genuinely warm and you can usually find a pub with cheap beer and wings, or an ODR open somewhere.
During the summer is when you can appreciate the city and it is no longer 'Deadmonton' or 'Ed'monotone'. While the summer is short, is is jam packed full of festivals such as the Fringe, Taste of Edmonton, Capital Ex (K-Days), Folk Fest (one of the best folk music festivals in N.America), Heritage Days, etc... You can always find something to do - even walking in the beautiful river valley, etc...
I have read all the posts on here dissing Edmonton, dissing Calgary, etc.. While I was raised in Edmonton and have always learned we're superior to Calgary, I feel no need to bash other cities - it doesn't make Edmonton any better. Edmonton ISN'T the greatest city in the world... but it is a damn good place to grow up. If you're concerned about the violence and gangs... then don't be... unless you roll with that sort of crowd, then you will be safe.
You're from Edmonton?!? Where's that?

In Alberta, Canada. There's not much to do there, and I won't live there again, but it is definitely a nice place to be FROM :)
by EblouissantDevoshka May 26, 2011
An orgasm in the form of a city
2hey man you wanna go to edmonton

by cy1212 April 16, 2011
The capital city of Alberta, Canada

Roughly one million people

It is properly known as the City of Champions because of the five time Stanley Cup champions Edmonton Oilers. and the 11 time Grey Cup Champions Edmonton Eskimos (most in CFL)

Way better than Calgary
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
People from Calgary will say that we have nothing,

and that they have ooh soo much.
But that's a lie,

We are the festival city , we have like, a million festivals, which include the fringe, Capital Ex, The Caribbean Festival, Taste of Edmonton, and so on.

Plus we have the largest mall in the world (so far) which includes Sea lions, Penguins, and other animals, The water park, and the amusement park Galaxy Land. , and we're better at hockey and football than Calgary.

by Idont reallycare August 23, 2011

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