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Pronounced "well - e": An adjective or noun which is derived from the word "Welfare" used to describe the shitty condition of: clothing, personal possessions, etc. It was first used in Ontario, Canada (near the dirty 'shwa). Whether you say it as a joke or out of sheer honesty to put down your friends or strangers, it can tie into your regular douchebag vocabulary.
As an adjective: "Those are the most Wellee pants I've ever seen"

As Noun: "That girl is a Wellee"
by JayTriano February 07, 2011
A shitty city in Central Alberta, it is shitty because:

A. Fat Capital of Canada (not making that up, it statistically is the Houston of Canada)

B. They call themselves the city of Champions because of 5 Stanley Cup wins, I am from Calgary but I am well aware that Montreal has won the cup 22 times so what does that make them? Ultra champs? And then theres the 11 grey cup titles, no one overly cares about cfl except Saskatchewan because they have even less than Edmonton

C. No chinooks = what few hotties there are most likely are all bundled up in parkas....

D. D is for Deadmonton

E. The mall is decent but should be renovated soon, looks pretty shitty to me

F. What else does your city have? really question yourselves
Edmonton, City of Champions?
by JayTriano February 07, 2011

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