A shitty city in Central Alberta, it is shitty because:

A. Fat Capital of Canada (not making that up, it statistically is the Houston of Canada)

B. They call themselves the city of Champions because of 5 Stanley Cup wins, I am from Calgary but I am well aware that Montreal has won the cup 22 times so what does that make them? Ultra champs? And then theres the 11 grey cup titles, no one overly cares about cfl except Saskatchewan because they have even less than Edmonton

C. No chinooks = what few hotties there are most likely are all bundled up in parkas....

D. D is for Deadmonton

E. The mall is decent but should be renovated soon, looks pretty shitty to me

F. What else does your city have? really question yourselves
Edmonton, City of Champions?
by JayTriano February 07, 2011
Trust me, this is THE WORST city in North America. The people really think it's good, but 99% of them haven't gone further than Red Deer. Sweat Pants and a jean jacket pass as fashion here. Everyone drives like a shithead, and if you change lanes without signalling, they literally will come to your window to tell you off at the next light. I'm serious! If this was any other city, there'd be gun clapping to keep things in line. And what's with all the moustaches and mullets? OMG it's terrible. This city is the worst. There are no good places to go. It's so depressing. All it has is a freaking brown river and a shitty ass mall. The mall has a zellers...how good could it be??? I can't say anything good. The boom has made people lazy. I picked the wrong city to move to in Alberta. Calgary is way better. At least you can go for a nice dinner. I'm going back east as soon as I can. It sucks here.
I think I said enough, but I'll say it again. Edmonton is as bad a city as it gets. The residents need to learn that mullets suck, moustaches from 1984 are shit, and jean jackets from 1987 are terrible
by smoothc March 07, 2009
Edmonton is the capital of Alberta in Canada. It is now the murder capital of Canada, and also has the highest crime rate in Canada. And i live here, what a fuckin waste of land it is! About a million people, more with all of its boroughs like St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Nice skyline. The nice areas are few, but they are mostly around the Riverbend district in the now joined former city of Strathcona and on the far western edge the now joined former city of Jasper Place... But there's too much bad shit... in other places... the ghetto is the entire lower northeast, stretching across the subway / above ground train line to areas like Belvedere and Highlands and Abbotsfield and Boyle/McCauley. Theres so much fucking gangs its crazy, the main ones that are bad and fighting each other right now are the mostly black Bloods and the mostly native Alberta Warriors. Theres like a fucking shooting a day here. it sux, yes it does... do something about it...
"Edmonton" should be better known as "the wasteland of Canada"
by rainzfyah July 25, 2005
A lonely wasteland some people call a city. Sure we have a big mall, but honestly, that's it. I'd rather be here than Mulletgary, though.
Edmontonian: Hey, want to go to the Oilers game?

Mulletgarian: *riding in old ford pickup with blasting Kenny Chesney* No! I'm catching the Flames game in my mom's trailor and then going over to a bush party to bang my cousin
by Michelle P. September 14, 2007
A shit-poor excuse for a city. I visited to see the world's biggest mall only to find out its the world's sixth biggest mall... and it is a bloated and dated piss-poor excuse of a shopping center. I'd rather visit three malls in Calgary than waste half a fucking day to drive to Edmonton and get in a car wreck with some immigrant who can't drive.

Why can't you imbred Edmontonians learn how to drive?
Edmonton is known for being a shitty, dusty, cold piece of shit town in the middle of nowhere. People visit expecting a great mall and find a smelly dated piece of shit with a dirty waterpark.
by Edmontonsucksmybigcawk September 03, 2008

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