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An employer's passive method for saying, "Thanks, but no thanks," when an employee gives two-weeks notice. The employee will walk in one morning to a file box on his or her desk. The box will be used by the employee to pack his or belongings before being escorted out of the building.
I gave the firm my two-weeks notice on Wednesday when I found a better job, and had every intention of working the full notice, but by Friday they had decided just to brown-box me.
by Eener3000 April 27, 2010
to take a steamy shit in a box and give it to someone as a gift.
dammit i forgot to get henry a gift." "just give him a brown box.
by stackattack January 02, 2011
A brown box is a hardware product that includes only the necessary products needed to install into a computer.

These products are generally much cheaper than a retail version of the product because it does not include the standard box and other miscellaneous paper inserts.
A computer video card that is a brown box will likely only include the actual card in an anti-static bag and the software (drivers).
by Paul .D April 11, 2006
This term is used to refer to a fine curvy brown-skinned woman, usually Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or Brazilian.
We threw our funds together, bought a cheap van, and went to Mexico in search of some brown box.
by unfitmothers April 09, 2010
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