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Trust me, this is THE WORST city in North America. The people really think it's good, but 99% of them haven't gone further than Red Deer. Sweat Pants and a jean jacket pass as fashion here. Everyone drives like a shithead, and if you change lanes without signalling, they literally will come to your window to tell you off at the next light. I'm serious! If this was any other city, there'd be gun clapping to keep things in line. And what's with all the moustaches and mullets? OMG it's terrible. This city is the worst. There are no good places to go. It's so depressing. All it has is a freaking brown river and a shitty ass mall. The mall has a zellers...how good could it be??? I can't say anything good. The boom has made people lazy. I picked the wrong city to move to in Alberta. Calgary is way better. At least you can go for a nice dinner. I'm going back east as soon as I can. It sucks here.
I think I said enough, but I'll say it again. Edmonton is as bad a city as it gets. The residents need to learn that mullets suck, moustaches from 1984 are shit, and jean jackets from 1987 are terrible
by smoothc March 07, 2009

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