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McCauley is an independant young woman who is very reliable and smart. whenever you're having a bad day she is there to cheer you up. she is amazingly beautiful and always gets the best guys. once the guys have her they know how lucky they are and try to do anything to keep her. she isn't easily impressed but she is very sweet. and she is an angel
look at that sexy girl she is such a McCauley
by grigsbyrocks March 17, 2010
A term used to describe a controlling bitchy and disliked person. the person seems to be always pmsing, although he/she/it is probably too old for thaat.
Happy Person: Hi! How are you today?
McCauley: Fuck you, fuck your mom, fuck your dad, and fuck you again. and don't ever talk to me again. *screeches like a velociraptor*
Happy Person: ...*cries*

Happy Person Twenty Years Later: and I would like to thank the best thing that ever happened to me. without her, I would not have been able to become the Chancellor of Germany. Now thanks to her motivational speaking, I, Adolf Hitler, Germany, and the Nazi Party will conquer the world.
by IIYIP August 12, 2011
The lead singer to funk rock alternative band sombrero sunset. used as an adjective mainly for descriptive purposes.
a bird flew into the open window to much mccauley. that girl has just been raped. somebody mccauley an ambulance.
by daniel whorin' September 24, 2007

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