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To have a competition with your friend(s) to see who can eat the most / quickest. Participants need not be obese to participate. Under no circumstance can the eat off be planned. The eat off can be to consume ANY food.
Dude 1 - Duuuuude, this lasagne is awesome.
Dude 2 - Duuuuuude, it really is. I'm going to have another piece.
Dude 1 - Oh yeah so am I.
Dude 2 - Are you challenging me to an eat off ?
Dude 1 - Hell yes. Eat off !

random spectator- Eat off, Eat off...EAT OFF !!!

Eat off commences...followed by eat off champion mocking the eat off loser until the next eat off.
by Abu B Sal October 03, 2009
10 Words related to Eat off
To steal or take something away without permission
1. "I ate off that nigga."

2. "that nigga ate off me"

3."Imma eat off him tonight"
by Laeiel February 09, 2008

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