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A relaxed Individual who cares most for friends and family. One who let nothing disturb them. An exciting, athletic, adventurous, and respectful person, who honors morals and is especially known for his loyalty, honesty, and compassion for others. Women enjoy his company and appreciate his patience, respect, and manors. A "Dieter" is one who knows how to treat a lady. But, is also known for his clumsiness and sense of humor. A "Dieter" loves to have fun and experience new things.
Dieter = fun
Dieter = Respect
Dieter = Trust
by Unknown3627 October 14, 2008
A simply domesticated individual who likes to read technical manuals during the week and hit the legends club scene on the weekends
That guy reminds me of a real dieter
by Rusty Shaklefordd December 18, 2007
Homosexual, especially of the European clubbing variety.
Nick refers to guys with brown hair as "brunettes"... he is definitely a Dieter.
by Generalissimo Patrick July 26, 2007
To be a dieter is to be annoying, arrogant, sexist, homosexual
That guy is such a Dieter, he said that women should practice martial arts.

That person is such a Dieter, he is so full of himself with his homosexual pride and it annoys me.
by <+-{The One}-+> May 28, 2008
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