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A gang who calls themselves Escape The Law
They spray their tag everywhere and pretend like they do drugs and drink but when you ask them they deny belonging. They are from Woodinville Washington so they automatically arent a real gang.
Any faggot who wears a talltee is considered ETL
ETL is gay and so are all its members.
by Jack Meoff June 18, 2006
Short for extraterrestrial lesbian. Can be used when your friend is pissing you off and you call them an ETL and they have no clue what you're talking about. (Originated from a lyric in the song called "the watcher" by eminem: "I just took some ecstasy, I'm an extraterrestrial lesbian")
person 1: hahhaa you're so dumb!

person 2: well you know what? you're and ETL !
by lawlsssjuhserh January 21, 2011
Evil Test Lady - A woman dedicated to software testing that finds weird and obscure bugs through her ingenious tests.
K: Who found this bug 5 minutes before we released?
T: The ETL kept testing even when we told her to stop.
Z: At least she found it before a customer did...
by BlacKats May 11, 2010
An abbreviation standing for Extreme Technical Lag.
Wow my internet is experiencing E.T.L.
by TooRecycled October 05, 2009
Easton Town Limits - Everything inside of The Town Limits of Easton, MD.
We hold down The ETL.

We should steal the ETL sign.
by muthagoose November 29, 2003
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