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Eat shit and die
Hey boyz, wanna see this strip show?
ESAD you greasy cocksucker...
by Gavin Knight January 05, 2004
Translates to "Eat Shit And Die".
AOLuser1322456: Wow! Neopets R Fun!
CSUser: ESAD nub.
by Gxp January 07, 2003
Acronym that means "eat shit and die"

It can an also be extended to "eat shit, and then die" ESATD

Or if you mean serious business,

"Eat shit and then die, you dumb asshole." ESATDYDA

At which point it looks like a Mexican celebration phrase in ALL CAPS.
Person1: "ur a punk. u haev no lief"
Person2: "Shut the fuck up, I am tired of your bullshit. ESAD"

by Zee June 11, 2007
an acronym used to quickly tell someone to leave you alone and go away, taken from the first letter of each word in the phrase Eat Shit And Die.
Person 1: You are working to slow.

Person 2: ESAD!!

Person 1 walks away feeling hurt or rejected.
by Fritzy30 November 21, 2011
e.s.a.d. stands for eat shit and die. its a good nickname someone that is really pissing you off because most people can not figure out what it means and if they do figure it out they will feel that there definition is right because they will feel like why would you call someone eat shit and die.
"okay e.s.a.d."
"what does that mean?"
"nothing it's just my new nickname for you"
by jennyfer89 November 27, 2006
Eat Shit and Die. Two older gentleman, Carl and Sean, created this acronym for personal use. It has since taken the texting world by storm, being used by young people everywhere.
"Your mom is a whore" said Carl
"ESAD" said Sean
Carl then proceeds to eat shit and die.
by Prettygirl57 August 06, 2013
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