just another word for marijuana
"Hey! I just got a fat sack of eb for $20!"
by smoke_henna February 21, 2008
"Electric Boyfriend" AKA B.O.B. (battery operated...)
"I don't need him. I have EB."
by Mickey6 January 17, 2006
A shorter way of saying embarassing! Often overused
E.B. man, she just fell!
by RockyLove! May 04, 2011
Someone who is acting like an emotional bitch.
"Yo buddy she's not even hot, stop being an EB"

"Justin Bieber will be back in town in a month, don't be such an EB"

"So what if u fell in the fire, your'e just being an EB.
by The Godfather 27 June 16, 2010
To display characteristics typical of those from the former Eastern Bloc
"Dude, that shirt is a bit EB"

by chesty00 August 02, 2007
Every Bullet Strikes
i release the clip n u know E.B.S.
by Ike and Tina Turner July 25, 2003
"EB" is short for the "Evan Blumberg" Evan is the biggest tank around, so "EB" means tank. For example, when somebody gets a tank kill in Call of Duty, everybody will yell "EB! EB! EB!"
Dude, that kill was so EB

I wish I was as EB as Parker Blumberg
by iPrendyyy December 28, 2010

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