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Abbreviation for the video game store Electronics Boutique
Hey, I'm gonna go to EB and see if they have any new games in, wanna come?
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
The shorter version to call out an "Emotional Bitch" randomly during class/work/school/cafeteria/walmart when the "Emotional Bitch" walks by crying about some drama.

Or, when casually gossipin with your homies, mention the emotional bitch as EB so the people around you don't know who you're talking about.

Pronounced: "eee beee" (e's are pronounced like in the word "need")
"Yo that girl, Sierra, shes such an E.B., why she always be trippin"

"Yo bro i was in class and i yelled E.B. and SHE(eb) turned around and we couldn't help but laugh our asses off"
by padimo January 14, 2010
Eveyhing but sex. Describing someone's sexual experience (or lack thereof) or that of a couple/fuck buddies.
Jessie have never had sex, we just did EBS.
by Orcist September 02, 2004
EB is short for EB Games, which is like a pawn shop for video games where you can trade in and buy new/used video games

it is also the only place where their employees are able to get away with Robbery by giving you almost nothing for what you trade in
i went to EB and traded in my XBOX, PSP, and 3 games and got $20 in store credit!!!
by tha truth teller August 13, 2006
Short for Empty Balls, like cumming on someone, in other words, domination.
He EB'd on all the players on the basketball court.
by Kodiak408 December 11, 2009
In Filipino English: short for "eyeball" or get together. Originated in the CB Radio community. Can be a noun, verb, or "EB party."
"I met her at an EB."
"C'mon let's EB."
by Migs Paraz November 01, 2003
Short for East Brunswick. A small town in New Jersey with a population of 46,756. Not very exciting.
I live in EB.
by xohmymymyx September 06, 2010
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