A town in central New York called earlville, about 40 min south of Udica where some sweet ass kids reside and chill all day, they love to wreak havoc and chill. They also hate everyone and love to fight.

Also home to the legend "JOHN BUELL"
Punk: Man at that party those kids whooped our ass
Douchebag: Where are they from
Punk: E-ville man, all they do is chill there i heard they have a good time.
Douchebag: I wish we were cool enough to be from E-ville
by EVILLE HOOLIGAN April 11, 2009
Top Definition
a short name for Evansville,IN
I went to that party in E-ville last night and I got trashed!
by ABotts September 03, 2006
Nickname for Edwardsville, IL. See Edwardsville.
Evillee - You knooow!!
by hollaaaaa July 16, 2005
Short for Emeryville CA home of Pixar
Who ever thought those Cars movies would ever come out of E-ville?
by laughing boy May 26, 2012
Another way to refer to Evansville, IN. Mind-numbingly boring city on the Ohio River. Nothing to do, nothing to see. Tries to sell itself as a major city. Don't believe it. Dead downtown, chain resturants, little culture.
I must leave E-ville before I lose my mind and go insane from boredom.
by rys01 November 11, 2006
someone who markets ecstacy as a spiritual in order to have sex with minors
He is e-ville
by jedipants August 28, 2003
just dickin around, doing nothing of value. wasting space, alcohol, and air. you know, it's eville-ish!
well hot damn, E & EM are so fuckin E-villish!!!
by zoolander February 21, 2003
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