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Evansville should be renamed Hootersville on the Ohio
Downtown Evansville is dead despite a revitilisation project, involving too many commities with a lot of bad ideas. The latest improvement has been a bowling alley and a thirty foot plastic dinasour outside the new Children's Museum. Resturants are mostly chains. This town is mind bendingly dull. Greenriver road, the main shopping street, is an example of strip mall urban sprawl that is soul poisoning. Main library is packed on Sundays, you can't even find a parking space, as there is nothing else to do. Riverfront area has no trees and is very unpleasant in summer. Casino is second rate. Reduces me to tears of boredom and I am going to leave as soon as possible.
#hootersville #evansville #evil #hicksville #boresville
by rys01 September 04, 2006
Another way to refer to Evansville, IN. Mind-numbingly boring city on the Ohio River. Nothing to do, nothing to see. Tries to sell itself as a major city. Don't believe it. Dead downtown, chain resturants, little culture.
I must leave E-ville before I lose my mind and go insane from boredom.
#hootersville on the ohio #evansville #hicksville #hick town #boreing
by rys01 November 11, 2006
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