A person from Holland who has a small or no dick.
Person 1: Dude, that guy from last night sucked at sex, cos he had a small dick.

Person 2: No shit, he's Dutch!
by Halajaba March 04, 2008
1) rude, unfriendly, inhospitable, unwelcoming, xenophobic;
2) generally crappy, miserable;
3) excessively bureaucratic, full of red tape
1) Hey what's you're problem? Stop being so dutch.
2) Don't bother seeing that movie, it was totally dutch.
3) The DMV loves being dutch.
by Dutchman June 19, 2006
Grant. A person who is dutch and will be attending an ice cream social.
Grant is dutch. 100% dutch!
by Tank February 28, 2005
Dutch(rarely used in the UK anymore but still common in the U.S. from the German word for German)
Dutch Wonderland got it's name because it is located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
by Light Joker September 30, 2004
A type of people and language. Here is a crule joke (not to be taken personily, and if you do tuff shit)
Dude: Hey what do you call a German who is too afraid to fight?
Other Dude: What?
Dude: Dutch
by Der Neger February 10, 2005
To fondle with your penis alot.
I like to dutch.It feels quite good.
by Camron June 16, 2004
The race having excessively small penises, have only 1 pair of shoes but just got a new pair with sexy white laces, and is constantly pleasuring his or herself. Some add an "i" to the ends of their names to become porn stars, whilst uthers become aware of the fact of there dutch heritage and become Spekta.
Hi im dutch, pleased to meet you

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