A Nickname for President Reagan. Nicknamed "Dutch" as a child, wenton to become the 40th US president.
DUring his presidency, Dutch got shot and later fell off a horse. It was just like one of his movies.
by Lou Stenspayce June 05, 2004
some one from the Netherlands, usually fat, raise in a high middle class income
usually have names such pieter, adelbert, adolf adelgonda, braam, casper and so on.
that dutch pieter is such a stupid ass, he dunno left from right.
by avonchic June 26, 2010
A word used to convey the unbelievable coolness of anything, i.e. an object, person, place etc. etc. Derived from the popular brand "Von Dutch".
"That is so totally dutch!"
by bubbles-webb March 26, 2005
1. Name of a giant and high quality blunt. There's no higher quality weed then the Dutch weed, also called Nederwiet.

2. dutch(girl) Name for a ho, 'cause Holland is well know for it's ho's, the bitches behind the window.

3. A name for a weed loving,to sex addicted, cheese eating, tulip fuckin' ,wooden shoe wearing player, just like me.
1. Damn, this dutch makes me higher then heaven.

2. Yo dutch chick, how much do you cost?

3. It takes a dutch man to be a real dutch.
by Dutchman from deventah December 20, 2004
1) Of, or pertaining, to girls that wear wooden soled shoes with slutty garments to nice events, such as weddings, proms, funerals or brunch.

2) A term used to denote a female who is easy, loose, or slutty.
1) "Look, I can see that dutch girl's thong."

2) "That girl is totally dutch."

by Dutch Angel July 25, 2006
People who live in Holland/Neatherland.
Often mad in a nice way.
Hi, I'm Dutch and I live in Holland.
by txt_eva October 29, 2004
instead of flat out calling someone lame, or an ass, or a loser or any form of any kind of put down, we have substitued the word 'dutch' for such occasions. though it has been known that ass will be added to the end of the word dutch to emphasize how stupid a person can really be.
'man, why do you have to act so dutch all the time?'
'yea, nick was a real big dutch-ass'
by mollie & michelle February 21, 2006
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