'Dunk' to promptly insert and remove an item into a vessel or fluid.
Dunk... Most common use in northern England involving a cup or mug and a biscuit.
"Oh shit, me biscuit's fallen in me brew".
Brew meaning a cup or mug of tea.
by DIZZYskin December 11, 2007
Cash Money
- Hey can you cover the lunch bill?

- Nah mang, I'm all outa dunk.
by whitegboi November 03, 2010
When you're drunk at a party and you score with a chick/guy.
Dude, sweet party last night.
Yeah man, I dunk'd hard.
by The Fellow May 26, 2010
To be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback. It is generally a far more severe case than a plain burn.
Eric was dunked by his friends for saying he enjoys ballet.
by Griffinfuhrer January 01, 2005
A dunk is some sort of duck/donkey thing...also refered as Jacqui.

this unusual creature is a bit of a phsycopathic manic who goes on crazy donkey rampages naked!
emily: "hey jacqui, what would you say you look like?"
renee:"i think she looks like some sort of duck thing"
Crysta: "i'd say she looks like a donkey"
bec: "A DUNK, HAZ"
Jacqui: ""nnnot a dunk!!"
by randelliot_x September 05, 2009

1. Short form of podunk.

1. Billy Bob lives way out in the dunk.
by thaks April 10, 2006
Meaning there are many people there.
"Man, that party was dunk."
by Jakki April 13, 2005

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