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'Dunk' to promptly insert and remove an item into a vessel or fluid.
Dunk... Most common use in northern England involving a cup or mug and a biscuit.
"Oh shit, me biscuit's fallen in me brew".
Brew meaning a cup or mug of tea.
by DIZZYskin December 11, 2007
9 12
Cash Money
- Hey can you cover the lunch bill?

- Nah mang, I'm all outa dunk.
by whitegboi November 03, 2010
1 5
When you're drunk at a party and you score with a chick/guy.
Dude, sweet party last night.
Yeah man, I dunk'd hard.
by The Fellow May 26, 2010
12 16
To be thoroughly humiliated or insulted to the point where you cannot return with a comeback. It is generally a far more severe case than a plain burn.
Eric was dunked by his friends for saying he enjoys ballet.
by Griffinfuhrer January 01, 2005
23 28
A dunk is some sort of duck/donkey thing...also refered as Jacqui.

this unusual creature is a bit of a phsycopathic manic who goes on crazy donkey rampages naked!
emily: "hey jacqui, what would you say you look like?"
renee:"i think she looks like some sort of duck thing"
Crysta: "i'd say she looks like a donkey"
bec: "A DUNK, HAZ"
Jacqui: ""nnnot a dunk!!"
by randelliot_x September 05, 2009
2 8

1. Short form of podunk.

1. Billy Bob lives way out in the dunk.
by thaks April 10, 2006
7 14
Meaning there are many people there.
"Man, that party was dunk."
by Jakki April 13, 2005
10 17