Big Ass; Apple Bottom; round booty
Dang gurl you got that dunk don't you!
by Leshae June 15, 2005
To effectively beat someone at an event:used to symbolize dominance over ones opponet
"Man, you just got DUNKED!"
by DunkMaster Yi October 30, 2011
a bumpin booty
an ass considered to be a table at times
Jan'rious: "say lil whoaaady let me holla atcha right so fine gurl say say gurl"
Girl: "nigga you caint git wit dis....have u seen my ass??"
(across the street)--
Bystander 1:" say mayne dat gurl gots a DUNK!!!!"
Bystander 2:"Lebronnnn James das a booty"
by elemenop March 25, 2010
New England's way of saying/ referring to Dunkin Donuts
Person 1: Hey bro let's hit up Dunks really feeling an ice coffee
Person 2: Ok dude
Person 3 (from Washington D.C.): (very confused)
by Saroc July 14, 2016
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