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A meal between lunch and dinner
I'm glad I had dunch, because dinner was very unappetizing!
by fiercegiraffe August 03, 2009
The act of coughing and unexpectedly releasing 1-2 day old food that has collected in the back of your throat, perhaps in the esophagus, and formed into a hard ball.
Mattie coughed and surprised Becky by dunching onto her shoulder. "disgusting", Becky replied.
by dunchbagvirgos July 03, 2009
Another word for teabagging. You feed downed opponents online dunch, giving them a heaping meal since most commonly you play between lunch and dinner.
i just feed that little lady some dunch!
by AAA eX November 17, 2008
is a bitch and can be used in any way bitch can be used
you stupid dunch
by leondaman August 21, 2008

1) A derogatory term for a day student at a boarding school Very offensive.

2) The meal between "Lunch" and "Dinner". It is very similar but not be confused with "Linner".
Guy #1: Hey, do you wanna eat some dunch with me later?
Guy #2: Nah, I gonna eat dinner with my mommy and my daddy. I'm SO cool.
Guy #1: Fucking dunch...
by fgbm27 March 17, 2008
(noun) 1. Afternoon delight, basically any food consumed after lunch but before dinner. 2. Combination of dinner and lunch.
Brian can't talk he's got a mouth full of Dunch.
You've got some Dunch on your face
there's a hunk O' dunch in your tooth
The hot Dunch burned my mouth.
by Aaron Daugherty November 15, 2007
Dunching is when you make your partner get in a crunch position and do them from behind and when your about to finish you make them munch on your lunch!
"Dude I dunched that bitch all night long."
"Hey baby wanna dunch?"
"What's your favorite sex position?" "I like the dunch"
by J-Money, C-Dawg and M-Sheezy November 04, 2007