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(1) A creature that dwells in warm and sometimes wet places, and eats large quantities of food for the upkeep of body fat.
(2) A person who enjoys the luxuries of life to the maximum extent. Most commonly, that luxury being another person.
(1) 'Krikey, look at that dunche hop! It's going straight for its hole!'

(2) 'I've become a dunche..I'm fat, happy and as comfortable as a kitty on a duvet'
by *S January 15, 2006
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A Danish sexual maneuver predicated on speed and a lack of eye contact. The maneuver works best when implementing the use of low grade lunch meat and a sex worker who has recently lost a parent or a maternal/paternal figure.
Dude I can't afford a Dunche. For one, I don't have any bologna, also I am pretty sure it also costs extra.
by Dunche April 26, 2010
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