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A Cold ass town on a hill where you can't get lost. All you have to do is pop the clutch and let the car coast and you'll find your way to Lake Superior. The two major Duluthian Pasttimes are Getting Drunk and Getting Frostbite.
On a scale of 1 to useless, Duluth ranks about a 'Pauli Shore.'
by CkH March 16, 2005
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A city with a population of around 90,000. Minorities beware: Duluth hates you. Even as a mix, I didn't get by. The water there kicks ass, it's so pure. The youth is a depressing sight because they've all become victim to mindless trends, social habits, and lifestyles (such as the unbelievably successive Emo-life), except for a select few, such as James Ross. There is a White Castle at the edge of Duluth on the way to Minneapolis, which is a must. Duluth is known for notable amounts of snow and very cold weather. Sailing is popular, and in the winter, Icefishing. Unforunately, Duluth rubs shoulders with Superior, the ultimate ghetto of Wisconsin.

Duluth bears the first granitoid-paved streets in Minnesota, whatever granitoid is. The city has gained recognition among other northern cities in the state for having surprisingly good Tennis and Football teams.

The public school systems don't seem to care much about there students, to name a couple of those schools, there's Congdon, and East High School. The public schools are the bottom of the line. At East, while attempting to get to a class, expect some insecure jock to pick you off your feet and haul you to the locker room where you will experience the most brutal anal rape of your life. There are a couple decent private schools, such as Summit, and a few catholic schools, like Holy Rosary (known to locals as HORO, and Unholy Rosary to some graduates).Then there's The Marshall School, an outrageously expensive private division, boasting their excellence, while the middle school branch is as good as any other private school's, but employing conservatives, lesbians, treehuggers, dickfaces, child-molesters, racists, and radicals as scholars.

Duluth is(and has been for as long as anyone can remember), divided into an East and West. As in most instances, the East is for the educated, well-mannered, upperclass and upper-middleclass folk (although recently extending to some middle-middleclass citizens), while the West is reserved for the rest. As in most scenarios, if you were brought up in the West,it will be difficult to get out, unless you're in jail.

Typical adolescent hangouts in Duluth include Miller Hill Mall, the new Duluth 10 Cinematic Complex, and bagel cafés.
There is no need to worry about where to eat; nearly all of the restaurants serve good food.

Staying Safe in duluth is easy. About every 5 years, someone gets their car stolen, 75% of the gun owners live out in the boonies, and because of the extreme cold, STDs don't make it through the winter (but don't mark my word on that). Your biggest danger in Duluth is all of the God-damned deer. You'll swear the fucker came out of nowhere.

Wisconsin Guy 1 - "Hey man, wanna cross over to Duluth, Minnesota and freeze our asses off?"

Wisconsin Guy 2 - "Oh yeah man, for sure."

Wisconsin Guy 2 - "Ahem... I mean, Oh ya."
by http://experience. September 08, 2006
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Where all the black people from chicago go to get on welfare, sell rock and shoot people over dumb shit.

Example: Shooting over dog barking in 09
Ay nigga lets head up to Duluth and get on some welfare nigga.
by Rez-niggaz September 23, 2009
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A town in Georgia named after Duluth, Minnesota. In the last 20 years in has been taken over by Yankees, Mexicans and Asians. However, it is better now because before it was just a bunch of redneck, hillbilly, white trash crackers. When living in Duluth, one must be aware of being gwinnetted. It is very beautiful and the home of the RUNAWAY bride and the Chattahochee River.
You will absolutely love Duluth. It is cool.
by Deborah Spicer July 20, 2006
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A city with 1 ghetto school 2 rich schools a cool downtown
cool places ..and around 3 or 4 stoners--Duluth
kid 1:Dude
kid 2:what?
kid 1:wana bike down to video vision?
kid 2: sure let me kill this noob first.....PWNED!!!
kid1:ok are u ready yet fag?
kid2:nah, lets bike to downtown and go to FOD where we can look cool with our skatebaords,then we go to the 5ft skatepark where we can try to do ollies.then got erberts and gerberts
kid1:c'mon man, i wanna see if any of the games are back
kid2: you mean the 3 xbox 360 games?
kid2:aaaaah fuck it lets just play runecape
kid 1:good idea
kid 3:wait up u guys they neeed to ventalate!--duluth
by rgkjjvnrbeergvb October 26, 2006
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-City where you are taxed $3 a month for city street lights.
-You live on a hill so your gets $10 a gallon
-Duluth knows that and keeps gas prices 50 cents higher than everyone else
-Home of a fucked city council
-Watching a ship go by knowing you could beat it running backwards
-Streets full of potholes
- 55 below windchill
-Nightlife is driving the "Loop" at the canal
-Home of wanna-be white gangsters
-The Projects have nicer houses than the middle class
-Home of treehugging hippies
-News reports of stray rabbits on Park Point
by PEN24 November 07, 2008
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A city with a metropolitan area of around 240,000 including the surrounding areas in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Duluth has a number of scenic attractions, including the Aerial Lift Bridge, Skyline, and Enger Tower. Watch out for tweakers and crack heads while visiting Duluth. One might possibly take a shot at your car with you in it. Especially steer clear of the Central Hillside and the West-End/Lincoln Park areas of Duluth.
steer clear of the West End and Central Hillside districts of Duluth if you would like to protect ya kneck, naw what I mean?
by Dr. Dre. April 10, 2009
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