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A city with 1 ghetto school 2 rich schools a cool downtown
cool places ..and around 3 or 4 stoners--Duluth
kid 1:Dude
kid 2:what?
kid 1:wana bike down to video vision?
kid 2: sure let me kill this noob first.....PWNED!!!
kid1:ok are u ready yet fag?
kid2:nah, lets bike to downtown and go to FOD where we can look cool with our skatebaords,then we go to the 5ft skatepark where we can try to do ollies.then got erberts and gerberts
kid1:c'mon man, i wanna see if any of the games are back
kid2: you mean the 3 xbox 360 games?
kid2:aaaaah fuck it lets just play runecape
kid 1:good idea
kid 3:wait up u guys they neeed to ventalate!--duluth
#erberts and gerberts #runescape #stoner #ghetto #downtown
by rgkjjvnrbeergvb October 26, 2006
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