A word used to describe either;
1) A lesbian
2) A vagina

This derives from the poet 'Carol Ann Duffy' who just happens to be a lesbian
1) Hey Judy, are you after some duffy tonight or what?

2) Cor, i wish i could shove my piece deep into chloe's duffy
by Moorejam March 27, 2009
a charming guy you sleep with even though you know he's in love with his ex-girlfriend of x years.
I can't really find a good relationship right now...guess I'll just settle for a Duffy.
by gamelan April 29, 2005
a person who when telling a story, never gets to the point and when he/she finally does, all audience has lost interest, fallen asleep, or killed themselves.
Let me tell you another story about my tales in the south
oh god, looks like we got a duffy
somebody plan my funeral
by Bode H February 11, 2008
Duffy or ‘Duffball’ as he is better known (apparently it’s because he has only one testicle) is the class joker. He is a complete legend and tells all the best jokes, although most of them are pretty bad. His most commonly used words are wasteman, big-man and Dracula. His most common catchphrase is ‘Glyn is a G’.
Oi, Duffy stop giving me bare jest, your making me skeet in my pants!
by big-man July 06, 2006
a girl in a group of other girls that is drastically uglier and broader than the rest often making them look better(may also be a cockblock). the term is derrived from the phrase "Designated ugly fat friend". The -y at the end is added so the word can be used freely in the presence of the duffy without making it obvious that you are making fun of her.
Yo those girls over there are pretty hot...aw man dude, they got a duffy. I call she's not mine.
by Fil P August 24, 2007
Designated ugly fat friend. When a group of girls go out and they take a fat friend with them so they look better.
me and the guys went out last weekend and Ben ended up with the duffy
by mischa January 15, 2005
one of the funniest guys around, lives in sydney and roams around the northshore.
"what the hell some guy over there is running around naked"

"dont worry bro, its just duffy hahaha"
by banana fingers September 08, 2004

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