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The almighty god who has produced what we see today.

He is the god of creation and all hentai alike.

he is also nicely acuainted with the art of bondage
by anonymous June 25, 2003
245 47
The most legendary Big Brother housemate to ever set foot on the planet. He was once known to fiddle with his nipples so much he started to dribble.
Chris: Lol you see glyn last night hes such a legend.

Adam: Yeah the nipple flicking bastard hes my fucking idle.

Chris: lol ya best BB housmate ever.
by chris stephens July 12, 2006
98 122
An utter spud from North Wales who inexplicably stole the silver medal in BB7 from the charming Aisleyne. Has a penchant for walking around half naked.
That Glyn on Big Brother is such a spud.
by malmo58 August 23, 2006
88 115
large smelly man with an obsession for porn who like sex with his mother
by emma wassle July 14, 2003
58 214