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8 out 10 Proctologists agree that a duck arse is commonly associated with woman and are usually larger than a Booty but smaller than a Toyota Echo. Symptoms include an abnormaly upright strutting woman with a large bulbus ass pertruding from spandex or stretched jogging pants.
Yo that chick heading out for a dip is going to displace some serious H2O with that DUCK ARSE, ya heard!
by T-DawG November 23, 2004
When somebodies lips are too wet when sharing a cigarette, so the butt of it becomes damp

Also applies when smoking more taboo substances
Who duck arsed it? If i wanted spit in my mouth i'd have kissed you instead

Darren duck arsed again, i'm not going halves with him again
by JacobM June 28, 2010
Derogatory term used for a man who has wronged a woman in any way. Usually towards ones husband...
I made myself a plate of dinner and when I came back he had eaten it... He is such a Duck Arse!!!
by egggman October 12, 2010