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An extremely tiny Toyota hatchback for young females ONLY.
However, if a guy drives it, he deserves to be called a bitch, asshole, weirdo, retard, homo and penis-less.

synonym: yaris, corolla, barina
antonym: camry, pulsar, celica
Michael: Hey crazy mate!

Brian: Howdy cowdy mate! What car do you drive?
Michael: I drive maroon 92' celica! How about you?
Brian: I don't have a car, but at least I don't drive an Echo! ha ha. My girlfriend said she would get a penis if I drive a Toyota Echo.
Michael: HA HA! crazy mate! I have a friend called Luke who drives a Toyota Echo. He crazy!
by Magooman May 31, 2010
A car that is only driven by a black fat male in his late teens. He is also known as a Tranny. He's a broke ass nigga, who is trying to buy a subaru.
Don't be a Aaron, who drives a Toyota Echo
by Niggajeet June 23, 2016
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