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A person, either male or female who is dirty, disgusting or of poor hygiene. Another word for a tramp, or a skanky person.
Example 1:
Student on the phone to his mum;
Son: 'Mum, I can't afford to wash my clothes so I just wear the same ones over and over again'
Mum: 'God! Your such a duber'

Example 2:
'Man, did you just lick your plate and put it back in your cupboard? Your such a duber'

Example 3:
by Dubra Boy November 30, 2010
7 3
A "Duber" (pronounced DOOBER) is an uber-douchebag. Duber is a word that can be used to describe a person who is far too douchey for the word "douchebag" to do justice to their character.

"So, did you tell Kevin it's over?"
"Yeah, I broke up with him yesterday."
"How did he take it?"
"That Duber keyed my car and shat on my doorstep!"

by lunchmuncher March 07, 2009
24 8
Kid at Landon with a hot mom.
Dude, it's Duber's mom, what a MILF!
by Damon Bradley May 07, 2005
17 12
a term for joints - can be used for any kind of weed, though.
I love dubers!
Lets smoke some dubers!
by Essej Nameel April 01, 2005
13 8
A small green midget who runs around naked mowing people's lawns.
B-Ry - Yesy, stop being such a little duber!
Yesy - OMG No stop i am not a little duber, those things are gross!
by DJRivs November 14, 2011
6 2
A pre-puberty stage homosexual that has boundary issues amongst his own family. Not to be confused with a Puber, which is what he'll become after reaching puberty.
Duber enjoys being spanked by his own father just a little too much.
by A random person from NG April 05, 2009
8 5
Slang word for a foriegn lady when descibing a caucasion male with large genitalia
"what a big DUBER you have!"
by rob February 03, 2004
4 8