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You managed to finance the Escalade for despite your terrible credit, but you don't have any money for gas. You live in your mom's house but wear blingin' chains. TRANSLATION: Someone in the ghetto who spends money they obviously don't have is "Hood Rich". A Repo-man's wet dream.
by Scoots January 22, 2003
Diamond-Star Motors, A now defunct partnership between Chrysler and Mitsubishi. They produced cars that were rebadged multiple times and sold by different nameplates and under different names (The Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and Plymoth Laser were all the same car).
The Eclipse/Talon/Laser was the most popular DSM car.
by Scoots November 19, 2002
How the British pronounce the letter "Z".
X, Y, Zed.
by Scoots November 19, 2002
An imaginary version of a woman's hymen that is inside the anus of every gay man. It is "broken" the first time he is anally penetrated.
I heard Lance Bass broke his beymen last week. Guess who broke it. Joey Fatone.
by Scoots April 13, 2003
A Ricer term referring to Nitrous Oxide, a gas used to increase horsepower in cars. See "The Fast and The Furious"
"You're lucky that hundred shot of NAWWWWZZZZZ! didn't blow the welds on your intake!"
by Scoots November 19, 2002
The year that Stinko Man K lives in.
by Scoots January 22, 2003
When you're beating off to porn you are cursed to come when it cuts to a shot of the guys grunting, bright red, sweaty face.
Dude, The Grunting Face Curse struck again when I came all over the image of Ron Jeremy's face.
by Scoots January 22, 2003
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