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When a man has an orgasm without ejaculating. A portmanteau of dry and orgasm.
I thought I had creamed my shorts right in the middle of my speech, but fortunately it was only a drygasm.
by Jaques February 10, 2005
A dry orgasm.
Generally occurs after an excessive amount of wet (conventional, ejaculatory) orgasms in too short a period of time. The testes lack the requisite time to "recharge" and thus no ejaculation accompanies the climax.
Also possible: a discharge void of sperm, comprising only the fluids, released by the prostate, through which sperm are carried. This discharge would be clear in color, much smaller in volume as compared to a regular ejaculation, and much less viscous.
I had sex five times and jerked off two times in one day, and when I jerked off the third time, I had a drygasm.
by Mr Carmine January 12, 2006
Dryhumping someone until they reach orgasm.
Guy1: "Dude I heard you last night I hope you used protection!!"

Guy2: "Dude don't worry she had a Drygasm"

Guy1: "Awesome dude! I wish I was as good as you."
by pwnage1113 October 25, 2010
an orgasm by a male using a technique to prevent semen excretion. Involve breathing in through the nose rapidly at climax.
Nick drygasmed in his sleeping bag to prevent it from getting all gross and wet.
by jplacrosse27 January 02, 2008
A drygasm is the shiver sensation after one drains his bladder.
OMG...i had the biggest drygasm last night after i pee'd on your girlfriends shoulder!
by Fitzgibbon87 June 09, 2012
The trained ninja art of having unprotected sex and leaving no trace other than slight prejac. A black belt won't even juice a little. Many collar popping cocks have been known to be notorious at this trick as if trained in the dark arts. In the developed world this is known as "heart breaker syndrome" commonly seen to be politically ruled by feminists. This is perceived as philosophy gone to the birds aka science without actual empirical data. See: subliminal mind fuck.
The hockey team threw a house party with a keg of la blatt's blue in a brown bottle of rooooooofies and invited all the cheerleaders from a radius of 300 miles to unwittingly practice drygasms on their incoherent subjects.
by djsee4 September 29, 2010
The act of masturbating and feeling the climax even though an orgasm wasn't truly achieved due to there being no semen being released
I had a really nice wank, but it was ruined because I had a drygasm (no mess though)
by dingleyard July 22, 2014