There are two types of drugs:

1) Good drugs: These have been given to you by a doctor to make you better whatever the case may be. Examples are penicillin.

2) Bad drugs: There are many examples of these. Heroin, crack, cocaine, speed, etc. Once you try these, your hooked (or should that be 'fucked'?). There are many diffrent reasons why people take these drugs but the important thing to remember is, they'll ruin your life.

Let us not forget that alcohol and caffeine are drugs too.
Two examples of drugs:
1) Doctor: Take two of these everyday and you'll feel right as rain in about two weeks.

2) Person X decided to try coke. He got addicted to it and fucked up his life.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 27, 2006
Something people take to look hard.

The more hardcore the drug the harder you are.

If you sell them to kids then you'll get a record deal.
50 cent : "Stage rapping ass niggaz ain't sold no drugs"
by Jesus March 22, 2005
mind or mood altering substances that eventually turn you into a shambling, sweaty, brain dead sack of crap incapable of doing more than cadging spare change from people with jobs.
"Drugs are totally harmless, man - look at, like, Jim Morrisson!"
by charlie January 24, 2003
anyone who does them is a retard plain and simple
guy 1: hey you want drugs?
guy 2: i dont want to die are you crazy get the hell away from me
by Kimbo slice July 14, 2006
Any substance used to "take the pain away" from life because people can't deal with problems. Druggies often complain about non-drug users bitching about their "recreational habits" Yet, I don't want to fear a crackhead killing me to steal my wallet or breaking into my house to score some dope.

Pot heads are the whiniest with excuses like "it fights cancer!" It dosen't do shit but maybe relieve some pain or make you hungry so you don't starve to death.

These people also complain that their addiction is no worse than greed or ignorance, etc. Yet these morons are ignornat about what these drugs conatin or do to their brains over long periods of time and the fact that drug dealers are all about selling a dime bag for some cash. What does drug use involve? High prices on the corner means people steal, kill and beg for a few bucks for their "harmless habit."

Most of these idiots will tell you they like Bob Marley because of him being a Jamaican and we all know all of them toke up.

These activities can be seen at parties.
Jim the druggie was found dead in the gutter last night with a needle in his arm what a loser!

crackhead: Dude, I'll blow you for 5 bucks so I can score some shit!

person: Fuck off Druggie!
by Straight Edge XXX August 21, 2005
A thing used by idiots who don't know how to have fun with out them. crack, smack, heroine, mary J, coke, and MORE!
Drugs are gay, if you do them, your just stupid. SO YEAH.
by Trisha! December 06, 2005
The most retarded thing since clowns. It's the reason why 1/4 of teenagers are FUCKED UP. Those of you who think it's good are addicted and have had your mind altered by those retarded substances.
I don't do drugs because one hit could either be:

1. harmless
2. harmful
3. my last (in other words, fatal)
by dj gs68 June 26, 2003

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