An illegal substance that alters consciousness quite the same way as many other legal substances do.
People who sleep or have orgasm should be put in jail as drug users. "Normal" state of mind doesn't exist.
by gengan September 19, 2006
to intoxicate a prefered member with illegal substances until the point of persuasion into mainly anything
"Damn, playa, you drugged that bitch up GOOD last night"
by ghettoblingbaby December 11, 2003
To get beat up. To loose a fight
That fool got his ass drug
by Gerville August 31, 2006
When you do drugs yes you will feel good but you should realize that you are not gonna live for more than 40 years, you are just killing yourself with your own hands, teenagers please don't do drugs , drugs dont work, they just make you worse.
Pothead: hey you wanna relax and forget about pain in life? smoke this shit up

Person 2 : get that shit ( drugs) away from me, pothead.

Ecstacy Junkie: hey you wanna have some good time?

Person 2: fuck off junkie.
by Aiden Banks December 16, 2007
the russian word for friend sometiems used by english people to refer to there friends.
me and my drugs will come round and kick your fucking head in
by eastern person February 01, 2005
The best thing left in life since the man(communist ),this gay society(communist and gay),and this poserifically gay(communist) counter culture have all made life not even worth living.
Life is not even worth living but drugs make you not care.
by freedom is dead,, ( x x ) October 12, 2005
Marijuana isn't a drug dumbfucks!!!
It is 100 percent natural grown herb that has many benefits to society. The only people who call it a drug are the wet-back hating crackers. Its because of them that it is illegal in us till today. That thc bullshit is a cover for the main reason.
Meth is a drug, crack is a drug, cocaine is a drug because its laced with benzine, not pot!
Drugs are bad for you... Smoke pot instead.
by !Natedog! December 04, 2006

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