when youre in a car while drinking water and your friend says something and it goes down on your chin and you get a stupid nickname from the driver
HAHA! your nickname is dribbles now that you dribbled
by missloretta November 09, 2006
Action executed by Homer when he sleeps
His Dribble is warm.
Homer, your dribbling on the pillow.
by Kairi-chan September 07, 2003
After a male (or female if she has a penis) does after they get done pissing. After-piss. Something that I don't like to step in.
For fucks sake stop fucking dribbling your nasty ass piss all over the fucking floor and remove your tampon from the toilet seat as well!
by The Dalai Llama November 15, 2003
The act of inserting a man's penis into a woman's anus until climax, in which the penis ejaculates semen, which then dribbles into the vagina resulting in pregnancy. The ejaculate may also be scooped and fed to the woman.
I use toothpaste as lubricant when I dribble, so when I scoop it into her mouth, it tastes minty.
by m freeman August 11, 2010
A boy who is a loser
Hey dude! did you see that dribbles?
by evil chick April 09, 2005
A scratch technique invented in 1991 by Seattle's rave dj, DJ Falix. It sounds similar to a skribble, but can be used with music at higher BPM's, such as techno and house music. Unlike the standard skribble technique, the fader or transformer is used with normally two cuts per dribble.
Techno DJ's that can't reverse dribble next to a flare suck.
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
dick residue that clings to the bottom lip of the female (or male) employer after offering you a blowjob
Man: Oh yeah, OH YEAH!....Phew! That was great.
Woman: Huh? Where's the cream filling?
Man: Check your bottom lip.
Woman: Now that's the stuff. Hostess.
Man: Yeah, that's right. That dribble isn't going to eat itself.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011

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