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When air is released from the vagina. This usually happens when the suction is released from the vagina (laying back with legs up).
Did you hear Josie's pussy fart during pilates class?
by FingerLickinGood November 24, 2007
When a male slides his penis through a woman's cleavage repetatively. Also known as "boob sex".
John and Sue dribble all of the time.
by FingerLickinGood November 24, 2007
The red spots one can find on the forearm of a heroin addict. (Puncture marks made by shooting up heroin).
Strawberry feilds look like red dots on a heroin addicts forearm.
by FingerLickinGood November 24, 2007
A maniac in which shoves shotguns up helpless peoples assholes. Usually late at night at abandoned cinemas.

"That shotgunmaniac sure did a good job last night"
by FingerLickinGood February 04, 2006
Sexual intercourse. When a man's penis penetrates a woman's vagina.
Rob and I squeeze all the time.
Jill and Bill squeeze seven times a day.
by FingerLickinGood November 24, 2007

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