dick residue that clings to the bottom lip of the female (or male) employer after offering you a blowjob
Man: Oh yeah, OH YEAH!....Phew! That was great.
Woman: Huh? Where's the cream filling?
Man: Check your bottom lip.
Woman: Now that's the stuff. Hostess.
Man: Yeah, that's right. That dribble isn't going to eat itself.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
Top Definition
The action that happens when a man gets excited
John was kissing Sandy when she suddenly noticed he had a bit a dribble spilling on his pants

John used to dribble over sally at school
by DribbleSA November 07, 2006
To hang or chill out somewhere.
Jay-Z: Used to dribble down in VA.
by refuze May 05, 2005
To play basketball. This derives from the basketball term describing bouncing the ball on the ground repeatedly.
Shizzle with mah nizzle, fo' used to dribble down in VA
Sure, with my brothers, for I used to play basketball in Virginia
by Delvan May 23, 2003
When a male slides his penis through a woman's cleavage repetatively. Also known as "boob sex".
John and Sue dribble all of the time.
by FingerLickinGood November 24, 2007
A nickname given to someone who talks to girls with beer dribbling down their chin and frequently talks without thinking first.
Yo Man! Did you see Dribbles get shot down at the party.
by malarga April 05, 2005
v. When a guy or a girl places a hand on each of a girl's breasts and proceeds to dribble them like basketballs.
Christina asked me to dribble her double D's last night.
by bazookajoe May 22, 2012
when you spit dip or chew in a drooling fashion, leaving "dribbles" from your mouth when finished spitting.
you're new nickname is dribbles.
by todddle April 07, 2011

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