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Drewsepher (noun)

1) A person with an enourmous Chuck Norris style penis.

2) Somebody whose testicles are each bigger than the other

3) extraordinarily talented at sex

4) fellatious
1) I did the sex a Drewsepher for the first time last night and I almost bled to death

2) (person 1) did you hear about that guy who cut off his own arm with a multi-tool to escape from under a boulder? (person 2) Yeah man, what a Drewsepher

3) aww that chick last night was such a Drewsepher, I must've had 10 orgasms

4) oh my god, Tina Fey is so funny, its like shes a Drewsepher

5) guy #1 "hey i finnally figured out how to make my penis 4 feet long" guy#2 "dude HOW?" guy#1 "just cut off 3 quarters of it." guy#2 "you are such a Drewsepher
by a sound shaman September 12, 2009