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Fellatious; adj.: 1) One who relishes the art of fellatio.

2) One who routinely engages in fellatio with many partners.

syn; Trashy, slutty, whorish, loose.
Diamond rings and fancy dinners often encourage women to become fellatious.
by Big Ben May 13, 2004
Adj. A woman (or man) who gives a lot of head. Heard on Chappelle's Show. Apparently also a definition of chicken head.
Fellatiousness - noun.
That Catholic priest is so damn fellatious, he'll suck anything.
by Cunning Linguist May 11, 2004
Reffering to that which performs oral sex on a regular basis.
Who hasn't gotten with her? She's the most fellatious girl on the planet.
by whaler April 04, 2004
Adjective describing an act involving, or similar to, fellatio. (A 'blow job')
Jenny got her secretary's job by being fellatious.
by Kevin Watkins May 13, 2004
Fellatious a word combining fellatio and hilarious

something which is both awesome and funny is fellatious

something pleasurable and funny

preferably a burn of some kind.

history: created on Friday, September 11th, 2009
facebook status: song lyric, "And don't forgot to take deep breaths."

comment: "thats what she said"

= fellatious

sex jokes = fellatious
by a sound shaman September 12, 2009
Ridiculously sexy and therefore worthy of fellatio.
Adam Brody is so fellatious in that blue shirt.
by jesstasy May 12, 2004
all around orgasmical, like saying Could describe a girl who's so hot you have wet dreams about her.
"Dude Show Girls was so fellatious that it was like Christmas yo. And it's still July."
by Josh Swanson May 13, 2004
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