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everyone has it wrong

it is slang for sour as in sour diesel,a popular type of cannabis in NYC
dun go get a dutchie so we can blow this dour owwwwwwwwww
by mrmarma January 12, 2010
it's the dour hour! tyme to blaze!
by highonlyonmondays July 05, 2009
1 hard; stern;severe
2 obstinate
3 sullen;gloomy;forbidden
That is dour for you to do.
by Barbie October 29, 2003
When something unfunny is remarked, or something beyond belief has happened.
Often used in football games for a poor effort at goal or a mistake, but the main use comes into play when someone remarks something extremely gay.
Gay person: I think we should have a sponsered 6 hour rendition of Barmy army.

Normal Person: Oh My God, that was absolutely dour!
by Jon Elvins March 09, 2007