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everyone has it wrong

it is slang for sour as in sour diesel,a popular type of cannabis in NYC
dun go get a dutchie so we can blow this dour owwwwwwwwww
by mrmarma January 12, 2010
A way to call out a teaching in class
"Dourrrrrr" Said William
"Yes William. what would you like?" Said the Teacher
by William Bear September 06, 2016
Scots, rhymes with "hoor" or "moor"

Humourless, sullen, obstinate or awkward, often intentionally so. Can also refer to the dark, threatening Scottish weather (worse than simply "dreich" weather).
"It's looking pretty dour out. Ahm stiyin' in bed."
"Cheer up, you dour bastard."
by Aqy December 16, 2015
1 hard; stern;severe
2 obstinate
3 sullen;gloomy;forbidden
That is dour for you to do.
by Barbie October 29, 2003
When something unfunny is remarked, or something beyond belief has happened.
Often used in football games for a poor effort at goal or a mistake, but the main use comes into play when someone remarks something extremely gay.
Gay person: I think we should have a sponsered 6 hour rendition of Barmy army.

Normal Person: Oh My God, that was absolutely dour!
by Jon Elvins March 09, 2007
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