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AIS simply stands for ass in seat. Word can be used when you set an exact time or something and you let the person know AIS or else.
Mike's father told him and his younger brother at 5:30am they better he AIS or they will get left.
by Barbie March 29, 2005
da biggist baddest hoe in st george school.
by barbie November 07, 2003
cookies baked by a witch in a brick oven. These cookies are normally made out of rocks in order to hurt people that eat them
That lady fed me kinopies! That was rude!
by Barbie August 09, 2004
slang word for penis.
wow...my other boyfriend had a bigger schploobibop
by Barbie August 09, 2004
<noun> The 'Net handle of the worlds sexiest Admin.

<meaning> The untangable x-factor by which all existance is measured and displayed to the human eye.
Hot Girl: "Gee whizz i wish i was BarbedWire's lover."
Hot Girl 2: "He would totally do me over you."
Ugly Girl: "I am sad because i'm ugly."
by Barbie November 25, 2003
1. The hottest group of girls on the planet. Barbie, Broklyn, and Aphrodite. Love all of you!

2. A type of African herb used to make sex more enjoyable.

3. An ingredient used in many different love potions.

(~noun~ cannot be used in plural form.)
I promise we didn't make or group name Yohimbe because of it's true meaning. We... uhh thought it sounded good!
by Barbie March 02, 2005
What you say when something is cool or hot. "ishness' can be added to the end of any term to make it sound better.
Girl 1: i just got a new cd!
Girl 2: Popishness!
by Barbie April 02, 2005
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