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A Scottish word for whore.
"Ey you ya hoor."
by U.S. Census Board April 20, 2003
Irish. Can be used in both friendly and derogatory contexts

1. Crafty rogue - lad about town. Ususally up to some divilment or on the take some how.

2. Whore/Prozzie.
1. He's a cute hoor! - Isn't he awfully crafty? But he gets away with it cos he's a cute hoor.

2. Look at that young one dressed up like a hoor! And her not even 13 years old!
by Scandal June 28, 2004
Generally used to describe skanky, scandelous sluts, who love cock, coke, and your money.
Me and my buddys went to the club to drink jagerbombs, hustle the pool table and pick up some hoors.
by LOLhahaha69 June 11, 2011
a young lady who is unable to keep her legs firmly closed due to her intense hunger for the D, therefore she has several baby daddies
wee Margaret is a hoor!
by crystalise July 24, 2014
A loveable rogue from the Cavan area of Ireland. Often preceeded with the adjective 'cute', meaning crafty.
He's a right ould cute hoor that McCaigue the way he'd be making sure to count every penny.
by Gearoid O Madain July 29, 2003
A term to show interest and surprise, usually from a top down haughty or intelectual approach. (Watch Japanese Anime Bleach, from Captain Mayuri and Urahara Kisuke to listen to the pronunciation of the word)
John: Hey James, you know what? I am a Ninja who can summon anything I want!

James: "Hoor....so desune"
by trololol777 January 13, 2012
irish phrase derived from whore but not always meaning that it is used to replace regular curse worlds like cunt,bastard or fucker
he is a hoor for drinking, i dont like him but i respect the hoor, she can be a mean hoor with her money
by captain bringdown August 21, 2009