when just calling someone a douchebag isn't good enough, you replace the suffix -bag with -fag.
Jorge: hey bro, I just took a piss on your dog.

Carlos: What The Fuck "Douche-fag".
by El Jalapeño August 18, 2011
A homosexual man who for some reason thinks he's cool and is just like a douchebag (hence the term douchefag) but is attracted to men. All of his friends are slutty, desperate whores who give it up to anyone who will have them.
A douchefag defends his slutty female friends in all situations, even though she's probably majorly desperate and pathetic.
by kjsdklfaj March 19, 2010
a combination of calling someone a douchebag and a faggot.
oh my god, this guy is pissing me off.. he's such a douchefag.
by swagga_stupid_perfect February 22, 2010
Someone who is a douchebag, and also homosexual at the same time.
Coolguy: Hey man, have you got the time?

Ash: Let me look at my gay-beastial porn in peace, u little cunt!!

Coolguy: :| what a douchefag
by Gazzmanian-Devil April 20, 2009
Used similarly to its phrase of origin (douchebag) to describe someone of negligible character, someone shady or a repeat offender of crimes of douchebaggery.
The guy who always under estimates the number of beers he will drink when it is time to pool cash for a beer run is a real douchefag.
by trippnballz November 23, 2008
The combined name given to a douchebag and/or a fag.
"eurgh, that Harvey is such a douchefag"
by Malcolm Turntable June 19, 2009
This word has 2 seperate meanings.

1) A person being a douche and/or douchebag and a fag simultaneously. Originated from the 2nd powerthirst video (look it up on youtube.)

2) My def.: the process of taking a shower(douche means shower in french) and smoking a cigerette(fag means a cig) at the same time.
1) Chuck: Hey, who the hell do you think you are, douchefag?
Kyle: Your mom, hoebag
2) Mom: Son, what are you doing in there?
Son: I'm taking a douchefag, now leave me the hell alone!
by David789 February 09, 2009

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