A person who is a huge jerk and is homosexual at the same time.
Justin: Hey man will you stop flirting with my girlfriend?
Dante: No fucker, it doesn't even mean anything because she knows I'm with Kyle..
Scott: Wow Dante, you are a douchefag!
by Chris.T. January 10, 2009
The combination of the terms 'douche bag' and 'fag,' but replacing the 'bag' part of 'douche bag' with 'fag.'
'Hey Douche Fag, YOU SUCK!'
by Almost 6 Ninjas May 29, 2009
A gay douchebag. A gay man with all of the telltale, annoying behavior of an asshole.
I don't want to roll up blaring Lady Gaga. Makes me seem like a total douchefag.
by TheCanadaHouse July 24, 2010
When Douche bag isnt bad enough of an insult and you really hate
Wow that kid is a Douche Fag, did you see that
by Dekode May 05, 2009
Vaginally cleansing homosexual. pretty self explanatory.
Douche fag.. I have a friend Tyler, he seems to fit the role quite nicely. LOL.. Love you Ty
by hollylynn January 05, 2009
1)A person who is obnoxious, extremely annoying, inconsiderate and is also a brainless utter waste of oxygen with an existence more pathetic than that of a fruit fly.

2)A really Douchy Fag.
Douche-fag:hitler was a very nice person who should be respected.


ex.George W Bush
by Darcs January 25, 2010
It´s a gay male so intently obnoxious and generally stupid in regards to matters homosexual, that he manages to simultaneously capture the essence of douchebaggery and faggotry with uncanny, if likely unintended, precision.
Perez Hilton's endless loud yapping about gays and how they are such pitiable victims and that they should be loved by every last single human being in the planet because, hey, he thinks so, makes him a strong candidate for the title of "America´s Number One Douchefag".
by Noam Chomskie November 11, 2010
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